Midsize Corporations

Financial Planning in California.

Planning for Mid-Sized Corporations

financial planning Los Angeles As a principal of a midsize corporation, you face unique personal and business challenges when it comes to managing risk for your business and personal assets, as well as the compensation you’ve come to depend upon to support your lifestyle. At Eagles’ Club, we focus on this “triangle of business, personal and employee protection planning,” carefully advising you on the many details involved in aspects of your financial security. Contact us for financial planning in California.

Business Protection Planning

Your corporation represents a significant portion of your financial life, including your assets, income, and the sheer amount of time you invest in your business. For midsize corporations (defined as $5-200M), your needs may be too large to receive many of the benefits offered to small businesses, and often too small to accommodate the salary requirements of a high-powered CFO. By leveraging the business planning services available to advisors at Eagles’ Club, we serve as your corporate CFO to:

  • Protect business assets by 1) analyzing your needs and providing the proper insurance to help protect against the damages of lawsuits and litigation from employees, customers, business partners, etc.; and 2) designing an effective succession plan to help you obtain a fair market price when the time comes for you to leave the business and if necessary setting up key-man protection.

Employee Benefits

  • Create an effective succession plan, by advising on entity selection (ex. S- Corp or C- Corp) and discussing exit strategies in order to help optimize company value.
  • Uncover available resources to provide business owner benefits by leveraging our deep understanding of corporate finance and benefits regulations to mine the resources available to fund executive bonus plans,as well as provide estate tax planning strategies designed to continue income and manage taxation.

Company Protection Planning To survive and thrive in today’s competitive business world, your company must have the power to attract and retain employees who bring consistent and sustained value to your business. To help attract and retain high-value employees, advisors work with you to:

  • Design an effective all-in compensation plan to help you compete with the hiring packages offered by many larger corporations.
  • Select an attractive employee benefit plan that not only provides significant value to your employees, but also offers IRS benefits to the firm—often without a significant corporate expenditure. Insurance options include group health, group life, group short-term and long-term disability, group critical illness, group long term care, business insurance, and workers compensation.
  • Implement programs that effectively measure and reward employee productivity, a tactic that often is too costly for midsize businesses to implement, but that can dramatically reduce the direct and indirect costs of employee attrition.
  • Build key-man compensation packages, including deferred, 401(k)'s, to grow employee loyalty and advocacy, and reduce the potential employee turnover.

Personal Protection Planning for Business Owners - Advisors at Eagles Club have access to comprehensive financial planning services for business and individual owners of midsize corporations (typically with 50-5000 employees). Working in concert with your corporate CPA and attorneys, we design a plan to:

  • Create estate planning strategies to help you pass your assets on to your family and beneficiaries.
  • Combat the Social Security imbalance against high-income earners by utilizing 401(k) matching and defined benefit packages.
  • Pre-plan for an imminent buy/sell agreement.